What happened when i quit Social Media

Deleting all my social media accounts has been one of the best decision’s i’ve made in the past few years. My productivity and overall mental health has improved dramatically.  Social media really is like an addiction to a drug similar to how a crackhead has to constantly get his daily fix.

Going outside and seeing people living most of their lives glued to their screens is a sad state to see in a daily basis. The constant need for validation and cheap dopamine hits each time they get their photo on instagram liked or their tweets retweeted.  I used to be addicted seeing that red notification pop-up in the corner of my facebook home page.  Constantly refreshing the site to see if any one has messaged me or liked any of my posts.

After a long day of work i would enter bed and browse my phone to check up on ‘news’ on social media and ‘catch up’ on what my friends have been up to. “Let me just browse for 5 mins then i will fall asleep” i would tell my self this but everytime 5 mins would turn into 3-4 hours and my sleep schedule is now fucked.

The next day i would feel lethargic. My productivity would tank and any work that i needed to do would be brushed off for another day.  I follow a bunch of succesful people on instagram including a few friends who are multi-millionaires. While their posts were motivating to me there was a part of me that was jealous. I would see them having the time of their lives at an exotic location on a weekday. “Why can’t i have that now?” i thought to myself.

Comparing your current situation to someone else’s highlights on social media is a quick road to depression.

Enough was enough and i had to deactivate all my accounts for the sake of my mental health. Just a week from removing myself from social media existence i started to notice a drastic change already. Here’s what i experienced:

Good Sleep

I was finally able to fall asleep by 10pm, i always assumed that i had insomnia and it wasn’t because of being on my phone. Turned out to be the latter. I was sleeping like a baby. I wake up feeling rejuvenated and in a joyful mood for the rest of the day.

Even if was to encounter a problem during the day at work i felt that i could handle them much better than before when i wasn’t getting enough sleep. I was in more control with my emotions.


Extra Time

This was the biggest thing i noticed. when you stop social media it feels like you’ve been given extra hours in your day to actually get productive things done and it feels great!

In the beginning it was weird, i thought it would be ‘boring’ if i wasn’t able to check on people online. But when you put your attention to things that would benefit your life in the long run, being “bored” is impossible.

I would use my free time to polish my skills with my business and it paid off immensely.  I also had the time to always learn how to play the guitar.Something that i always wanted to do since i was a teenager. Knowing that if i didn’t quit social media none of this would have been possible.


Improved Health

I mentioned previously that i had extra time to do productive things. One thing that i was now able to do was go to the gym and stick to a healthy diet. Doing this had a ‘butterfly effect’ with the rest of my day to day life. With my Increased energy and discipline from going to the gym i was getting more shit done than ever before.

The feeling of endorphins released after a long hard workout was the best stress reliever for me. I cut back on drinking alcohol to not mess up the progress i made in the gym. I toned down from a 6 pack of beer every single week to only drinking dry wine once every 2 months.


Improved social life

Not being able to check up on what my friends or relatives were up to on social media forced me to actually pick up the phone and get in touch with them personally.

I was under the illusion that by just seeing and commenting their pictures on instagram that i was ‘technically being in touch with them’.

Going through my contacts in my phone and calling them up led to old friendships being re-ignited, most of which i ended meeting them up in person, and i also made some new mutual friends and connections along the way.

Some of them were glad to hear from me. On a side note you have no idea how sometimes just reaching out to someone close to you with a simple phone call checking up on them can make their day(social media doesn’t count!).  We are all battling our personal demons inside and reaching out goes a long way!


Discover New Places

Not being glued to my screen constantly also forced me to spend more time outside and just appreciate the beauty of the world that we live in.

There are so many beautiful places to go to and explore. No matter where you live it’s possible to always discover new places close to you.

I started to take nature walks and camp more often. My appreciation to life and nature in general increased. You have no idea how much of a positive impact this has with your mental health. As human beings we were designed to be outside and have our senses stimulated by nature and not by screens.


I’m not forcing you to quit social media but i suggest that you try for at least a week without it, simply delete all the necessary apps from your phone, install website blockers on your computer. I guarantee you will experience what i did and you won’t regret it!











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