Why the law of attraction is not working for you and how to fix it

Have you tried to visualise your goals but you happen to drift even further away from it? Have you ever tried to repeat affirmations day and day out but you experience no changes whatsoever? The answer to why the law of attraction is not working is LIMITING BELIEFS!.

Limiting Beliefs is that crippling doubt at the back of your mind that you feel when you try to visualise your goal. It’s that inner voice that tells you “ You’re never going to achieve that!” “That sounds impossible it will never happen!”

When your subconscious mind senses those doubts you have at the back of your mind it will flat out reject your goal. Your subconscious mind will only accept visualisations and affirmations that match with your inner beliefs.

Once your subconscious mind accepts your goal it will directly communicate and work with Infinite Intelligence  and that’s when the magic truly happens.

How do you make your subconscious mind accept your goals if you still have doubts about them? You have to re-program your old beliefs in order to match the the goal that you want to achieve.

The best way to do this is by using Neuro-linguistic programming(NLP) to gain access to your old beliefs. This method is extremely is easy and all you need to do is listen to audio tracks that contain NLP technology while you sleep.

Manifestation Magic contains the most advanced NLP technology, i have experienced life changing results just a few days of listening to the audio tracks.

I started to attract clients non-stop for my businesses that were struggling before. My friends and family experienced similar results after they used Manifestation Magic to reprogram their old beliefs.

Once you have a new set of beliefs you will be shocked at how fast you get your goals.

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