How To Easily Manifest Money With Your Subconscious Mind

You’ve felt the same pain that i’ve had. Visualising the life of your dreams for years but you keep getting the same old results that make you feel sick and tired of how your life is going. 

Manifestation Magic

You’d think that with all the law of attraction products and guides out there, everyone would be rich and living an abundant life. Yet, most people struggle daily.

For the past 20 years I have studied every book and product on the law of attraction & the subconscious mind. 

 ‘Think and grow rich‘, ‘Power of the Subconscious Mind, ‘The Secret‘, ‘Secret of the Ages’ just to name a few.

So when I came across the “Manifestation Magic” website, my first question was, “Does the world need another product on the law of attraction?”

Putting my doubts aside, I decided to try this product and give you a brutally honest review about it.

What is Manifestation Magic?

Manifestation Magic is a series of audio tracks that have brainwave entrainment frequencies.

By listening to these tracks when you’re about to sleep, your subconscious mind will be open to the hypnotic affirmations that could change your life.

You won’t be awake to create negative thoughts from your conscious mind. It’s a brilliant concept.

What You’ll Find Inside:

Before looking at the benefits of Manifestation Magic, let’s look at what you get – and you do get a lot.

  • Quick Start Manifestation Guide to walk you through the process  (PDF, Kindle, iBook versions that will work with any device)
  • Twilight Transformation Energy Orbiting Track that reprograms your brain patterns to attract wealth and abundance.
  • 7 “Energy Orbiting” Tracks to further Enhance Wealth Energy. This is to make sure that your old limiting beliefs are gone for good!
  • The “Push Play” Audio App that gives you instant ease of access to the tracks with the single push of a button.
  • 60-Day, Money-Back No Questions asked Guarantee in the unlikely event that you don’t attract wealth. 
  • 2 Surprise Bonuses That will full proof your manifestations. The Abundance Miracle System & 7 Sacred Signs.

I was quite surprised to receive so much content for a reasonably low price.

Manifestation Magic is a system that’s more complete than most programs out there by famous ‘guru’s that costs $1000s… BUT… content alone isn’t enough.

There is still one VERY IMPORTANT question that must be answered…

Will Manifestation Magic Help You?

Actions that matter: The biggest problem i have with LOA books like ‘The Secret’ is they tell you that you just need to think “positively” in order to manifest money.

But your negative thoughts will still block any affirmations from entering your subconscious mind.

You’ll be stuck with the same old actions that keep pushing you away from money and success.

This is something millions of people like you and i have experienced. You visualise yourself being rich and successful every single day.

But NOTHING happens, in fact things turn out worse than before. It feels like there’s a curse that’s been placed on you and that the universe has chosen a select few who can truly enjoy a life full of wealth.

That’s NOT the case at all. It just turns out that negative blocks that stop affirmations from working are still in your subconscious mind!

Manifestation Magic aims to remove all those limiting beliefs that other programs have failed to do so…and allow money to enter your life like never before.

Manifestation magic requires you only to listen to the audios. Your subconscious mind will be able to get the message that was being blocked by your old limiting beliefs and your actions will finally start to change.

The reason why Manifestation Magic works is because of the SCIENCE behind it.

You’re taken from a place of lack to a place of abundance.This is CRUCIAL.

Manifestation Magic is not only about wealth!  Any area of your life that you’ve struggled to change, wether it’s relationships or health, can be fixed!

The reason it helps you with your health is because it creates thought patterns within your mind where you are more focused and stick to your goals.

No more relying on willpower that will burn you out whenever you to try to go to the gym or sticking to a healthy diet.

Your mind will become ADDICTED to staying in shape . You’ll always look attractive and never have to worry about going back to your old unhealthy self.

If you’re having problems with finding love or making friends and tired of living a life of loneliness, your new thought patterns and actions will make people be drawn and attracted towards you

It fixes the root limiting beliefs in your thinking that is destroying every aspect of your life in one way or another.

By listening to the audios, you can dive deeply into the mind and fix the limiting beliefs that’s been preventing you from living your life at it’s fullest.

Manifestation Magic does this better than any book or law of attraction technique i’ve used in the past because it cleans out your limiting beliefs at the root of your subconscious.

  • Consistency:By asking you to listen to the tracks daily, Manifestation Magic builds patterns of thought and habits without you even realizing it. You’re becoming more positive and your thinking is elevated to the next level.
  • Clearing out the trash: No amount of positive thinking can work if you’re still stuck in your old patterns of thinking. It’s like applying nail polish on a rash to hide it.You must treat the underlying problem which are your old limiting beliefs.

Manifestation magic has “Energy Orbiting” audio sessions to clear abundance blocks in your mind.

By clearing out the old destructive limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, your path will now be clear to manifest wealth without your attempts being blocked.

  • Easy to use: There’s no denying the fact that it’s easier to listen to audios rather than force yourself to think and visualize positive images when your life around you is a messs.  Manifestation Magic is practical and understands that you need to make changes WITHIN before you can make changes in your life. The canvas must be clean before you can create a masterpiece. 
  • Instant access: This is a digital product. You’ll get instant access to it and can start changing your immediately. No shipping costs or delays.
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee: This point alone shows the abundance mindset that Alexander has. He has so much faith in his product that he has given you enough time to test out the product and make changes in your life.

If it doesn’t work, you can always get your money back. I’m extremely confident that you won’t because Manifestation Magic will add magic in your life just as it did for mine, family and friends from all different backgrounds. It’s a risk-free purchase that will pay itself back 10x over.

What are Subliminal Messages and NLP?

Subliminal messages have been around for decades. Terms such as ‘self-hypnosis’, ‘binaural beats’ etc. have been used to describe audio tracks that gently work on reprogramming your subconscious mind while you sleep.

These tracks are easy to use because they require very little effort on your part. All you do listen to them when you’re in a sleepy and more suggestive state.

NLP refers to neurolinguistic programming and it was invented by world class behavioural psychologists,Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

NLP is used to change your behavioural patterns by altering your neurological processes. It’s akin to creating new outcomes by changing your habits.

What makes Manifestation Magic so powerful is that the audio tracks that come with this program mix both subliminal messages AND NLP.  That makes these tracks even more effective in your mind.

This means that it directly communicates with your subconscious mind, removing your limiting beliefs and giving you life changing results!

Any downsides to this product?

There are a few downsides. No product is perfect… and thankfully, the only 2 cons I could find were just minor issues.

1) Can only be purchased online: You’ll not be able to purchase this product from a bookstore. It’s a digital product and you need a computer and an internet connection to access and download it.

The product vendors intentionally made it this way so that they could keep the production costs low and make it affordable to the masses – and help as many people as possible.

2) Audio tracks may not be suitable for everyone: Some people may find it difficult to listen to the tracks because the frequency may be jarring to them. This is a very small minority – but it happens.

The good news is that you just need to contact the support team of Manifestation Magic and they’ll mix a new audio track for you with a different frequency that you can easily listen to – and they will do it for FREE! Excellent customer support here.

Should You Buy It?

Definitely! This product delivered beyond my expectations. You’re backed by a guarantee and you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It bridges the gap between visualization and results. The audios will accelerate your results by communicating with your subconscious mind more effectively.

It’s the missing piece of the puzzle. What you will experience afterwards is jaw-dropping.

Listening to the audios is the ONLY action that you must take to change your life fast and manifest the wealth you wish to experience!

Your subconscious mind will handle the rest of the work for you!

After using Magic Manifestation for about a week I started doing things on auto-pilot that was pulling me towards success and good health.

The things that i never felt like doing that would grow my business suddenly felt so much easier to do.

I was no longer afraid to take risks and i couldn’t wait to wake up to work on my business. 

Things started to click in to place and that’s when my business took off. I kept attracting people and events that would keep me on the path of success.

Remember, when your new belief is wealth and success, your subconscious mind will do whatever it takes to prevent you from ever being poor again.

It doesn’t matter how bad the economy is doing or how competitive your business is.

People will wonder how you are so successful,  getting praise from people that doubted you will be one of the best feelings you’ll ever get.

Clearing old destructive limiting beliefs from the subconscious mind was the last piece of the law of attraction puzzle that’s been finally solved.

Imagine living in the house of your dreams, have enough food to last for a life time for you and your family.

Imagine quadrupling your income and being able to buy the things that you’ve always dreamed of having.

Imagine being able to travel anywhere you wanted, sitting by the beach drinking a cocktail and not having to worry about waking up to go to work everyday. 

Imagine not worrying about bills anymore, or whether you’re going to get fired from your job.  You will have peace of mind knowing that your subconscious mind is protecting you from painful failure.

Get rid of the painful limiting beliefs that have stolen the luxurious life you deserved to experience all these years. 

Now is your chance to take back control and live a life full of abundance.   Give Magic Manifestation a try and you’ll never look back.

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My obsession with the subconscious mind led me to creating this blog and i want to share my findings to the rest of the world on this untapped power that we all carry within us.

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