How To Easily Manifest Money With Your Subconscious Mind

Simple and powerful way to attract money, start living the life of your dreams starting today.

Wish you had more money in your bank account?

Tired of trying to attract money using the law of attraction but keep getting no results?

You’re not alone!

Manifestation Magic

For 20 years I’ve read every book and product on the law of attraction that i could find. 

I made a vision board that had my dream home, places that i wanted to travel and a collection of sports cars.

I closed my eyes everyday and visualised the life i wanted.

Waiting for the universe to finally give me the life that I dreamed of.

1 week passed by:

‘Ok any minute now, my life is about to change!’ i thought….

1 month later:

‘Ok i just need to be consistent, my big break must be right around the corner!’

Weeks turn to months which turned to years and…..guess what i manifested? nothing

Nothing that i visualised in my mind came to my life. In fact, things got WORSE.

The Lowest Point Of My Life

Most of my friends were tired of me always asking them for money and they cut me off.

My consultation business was dying, and I couldn’t afford to pay rent anymore.

My wife moved back to her dad’s house with my 5 year old son.

I was ashamed of facing my father-in-law, who I promised that I would take care of his daughter.

I was living in my office, sleeping on the floor and using one of the curtains as a blanket to keep me warm.

I couldn’t sleep and had horrible anxiety of not knowing when the next paycheck would come.

I thought my wife was going to divorce me and I would never see her and my son again.

Depressed, anxious and dead broke, I felt completely hopeless.

But….by a twist of faith, something incredible happened.

I was in my office on a cold Monday morning, begging my landlord on the phone to give me more time so I could pay the rent.

Jack, a successful 36-year-old entrepreneur, walked in and signed up for a month long consultation. 

The moment he left, I dropped to my knees and started crying.

I was happy knowing I had some money that gave me some hope of things going back to normal.

Whenever Jack showed up to my office, he’d see what books I had up on my shelf,

which most of them were about the subconscious mind.

During one of his visits, he asked me life-changing question: “Daniel, have you ever heard of 15 minute manifestation?”

“No,” I replied. “Is it good?”

Well, it’s the best way to reprogram your subconscious. You really need to try it”.

I Tried 15 Minute Manifestation….Did It Work?

Later that night I checked out the 15 minute manifestation website.

It’s a program that comes with audio tracks that you need to listen to for 15 minutes a day for at least 21 days.

This is meant to reprogram your subconscious mind to attract wealth.

I was very skeptical, it looked liked any other ‘Law of attraction’ product that I’ve seen 100s of times.

But at this point I was desperate, and I decided to give it a try.

First few nights i didn’t notice anything…

But 2 weeks later something strange happened.

While playing with my son at the park, my phone’s notifications couldn’t stop ringing.

I ignored it until I sat down at a bench.

Walking back to my car i pulled out my phone to check, I couldn’t believe it….

Hundreds of e-mails from potential clients that wanted to work with me!

I pulled out my laptop to check my traffic stats and i was in shock.

From 10-30 visits per day to over 1400 people browsing my site at the same time that morning!

I found out an article i wrote earlier that week went viral. Top consultants that i see as my heroes shared it all over social media.

That became the busiest week of my life.

I couldn’t handle that many clients. I had to charge 4x my fees and hire employees.

I went from making $170 to $11,000 A MONTH.

In a few months i had more money in my account than what i’ve made in the past 10 years.

I got a house and was able to live together with my wife and son again.

I wondered why 15 Minute Manifestation worked and ‘manifestation’ methods such as visualising didn’t, here’s what i discovered…

Limiting Beliefs: The ONE Thing That’s Blocking You From Attracting Money

Law of attraction gurus will tell you to just think “positive” and “visualise” to manifest the life you want!..

But there’s one problem….


It doesn’t even know that you want to be rich!

Limiting Beliefs are the toxic voices in the back of your mind:

  • I’m too old
  • I’m not smart enough
  • What’s the point of trying? I always mess things up.

They’re poison and the reason why you’re not attracting money into your life.

They’ve given you and I nothing but struggle and pain.

They’ve stolen years from our lives when you should’ve enjoyed it in peace.

They’ll make you miss out on money making opportunities.

Positive thinking and visualising will never work if you still have limiting beliefs.

if you want to free yourself, It’s time to get rid of them once and for all. Here’s how….

15 Minute Manifestation: The Lazy Way To Get Rich

15 Minute Manifestation uses a powerful frequency that opens your subconscious and REMOVES your limiting beliefs!

And that’s when the magic happens:

  • You’ll take the right actions on auto-pilot that turns you into a money magnet without any hard work.
  • You’ll have the time and freedom to do whatever you want, any day of the week, while everyone else is stuck in an office.
  • You’ll secretly unlock greatness that’s been hidden inside & get treated like royalty wherever you’ll go.
  • You’re going to prove all the haters who ever doubted you and wanted to see you fail wrong.

Get 15 Minute Manifestation

Close Your Eyes And Imagine:.

  • Buying the things you’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford.
  • Clearing all your debts and setting yourself free.
  • Working whenever & wherever you want, not being stuck in an office anymore. 
  • Travel anywhere you want. No more spending YEARS to save up for your dream holiday.
  • Relaxing at the beach, warm sea breeze hits your face while you sip on your favourite drink. 

When I was dead broke, it was hard for me to see a way out of the hole I dug myself and family into.

I want you to know that there is a way out.

Don’t pay $997.00 on manifestation products from gurus that don’t work.

Don’t pay $1375.00 to a hypnotherapist who still can’t get into your subconscious.

15 Minute Manifestation will get you REAL results at the LOW price of $49.

For the value you’re getting at that price, you’re basically getting it for FREE.

And you’re backed by a 100% Money-Back 365 day Guarantee.

In less than 15 minutes a day, your subconscious will 10X your money for you with ZERO effort.

You’ve worked hard and have gone through a lot. You deserve to reward yourself with a rich life starting now.

Get 15 Minute Manifestation

Hi, I’m Daniel and thanks for reading!

I would like to give a special thanks to my loving wife Amy for sticking around at my lowest and believing in me all these years.

2 thoughts on “How To Easily Manifest Money With Your Subconscious Mind”

  1. I have tears rolling down my eyes. I just got a promotion that i’ve tried to get for years at my job!
    This just happened after 6 days of listening to 15 minutes manifestation! God bless you Daniel!

  2. Within a week, I’ve manifested over $1,000 by just listening to the recordings.

    I was doing badly at my job and i was afraid of getting fired.

    BUT i was the top earning salesman for this month, making $28,000.00 in commissions!

    This stuff works life magic!

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