How to Instantly Attract Wealth With Your Subconscious Mind

I’ve been constantly trying to figure out why some people are able to attract wealth easily and some don’t no matter how hard they try. I’ve probably gone through 100s of books in the past 20 years on the subject.

After years of research i discovered that your subconscious mind, based on the beliefs fed into it from childhood will determine whether you turn out to be successful in life or not.

99% of all self improvement books and motivational speakers preach about setting goals, visualizing and believing that you can achieve them.

One of the best selling self development books of all time ‘Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill” insist that in order to influence your subconscious mind is by repeating the new desired goal that you wrote on a piece of paper.

BUT if you personally don’t believe that you will be rich and successful it’s impossible for your subconscious mind to accept those new beliefs. No matter how many times you tell yourself you can.

Visualizing Doesn’t Work

Ever since the Law Of Attraction  became popular from the hit movie “The Secret” , the masses have been told by these “Gurus” that all you need to do is visualize your desires and you will get anything you want.


Unsurprisingly nothing happened to most people (including me) who tried to visualize. This goes back to your subconscious mind only accepting beliefs if you truly believe in them.

This was the main driving force for me in creating this blog years ago with the sole purpose of searching for the perfect formula that would allow anyone to attract wealth using the power of their subconscious mind.

After testing and experimenting with different manifestation techniques for so many years I’ve finally found a method that works. And best of all you won’t need to visualize & forcing yourself to feel positive every single minute of each day.

Even if you don’t believe that it’s possible for you to be successful after living a life of poverty and frustration, your new desired belief will be programmed to your subconscious mind without any resistance.

In less than a month just by using this simple technique I attracted my dream job, quit smoking, lost weight, got rid of my anxiety, all this happened effortlessly, there was no mental struggle at all!.

False Hope

After watching “The Secret” I thought my research on the power of the subconscious mind had come to a close.

Finally someone cracked the code and everyone would benefit from it.

I was ecstatic! finally the life that i dreamed of having seemed attainable. Immediately after watching the movie i made my vision boards of what I’ve always wanted in life ,just like everyone else I wanted to be successful, healthy and have my perfect soul mate.

I started to visualize and feel like I already have my desires just like what they instruct you to do in the secret but as weeks and months passed by nothing was happening, the more i saw that nothing was happening the more difficult it got to for me to stay positive, and this turned into a vicious cycle.

The overbearing level of doubt shattered my faith, i was almost suicidal at this point and came close into ending it all.

A New Beginning

i have a passion for luxury cars, I’m subscribed to a popular car channel on YouTube, the guy that runs it is extremely wealthy and he’s only in his early 20’s.

He buys the latest sports cars as soon as they come out and does reviews on them. In one of his videos he had a viewer Q&A and someone asked him how he became so successful.

He talked briefly talked about the power of controlling your subconscious mind .He mentioned about a system called “Manifestation Magic”,  that programmed his subconscious mind for success. I was intrigued and I went to their website .

The first thing I noticed was “Manifestation Magic” was that it cost $47, I was very skeptical but at the same time I was miserable and desperate for a big change in my life at that point in time, and even if the program didn’t work I would at least be able to get a refund.

My Manifestation Magic Experiment

Alexander Wilson claims that he has found a way to not only have a direct access to your subconscious but also be able to remove those mental blocks aka LIMITING BELIEFS that are blocking you from manifesting wealth.  I wanted to find out.

My first test was to see if I was able to increase the number of clients I get at work. I planned to listen to “Wealth manifestation audio” every night, just before sleep as instructed and here is what happened….

Just 1 day after using Manifestation Magic I got a client and a contract worth $3000  i was in shock and ruled it off as a coincidence , but over the coming days i started to get many more clients, my work phone couldn’t stop ringing, and my inbox was piling up with contracts, I was in a state of absolute shock!

The subliminal audio from the program worked it’s “magic”,  All the limiting beliefs that i had about money were gone!

I shared the same system to family and friends who’ve had problems with money their entire lives and witnessed them transform almost over night.

No Limiting Beliefs = Supercharged Success

My Uncle runs a farm with his family and he was struggling to keep food on his table. After sharing magic manifestation to him his farming business skyrocketed in only a few days! local grocery stores and a bunch of restaurants contacted him and wanted to do business with him. He went from making $600 a month to $80,000!

My younger brother who is 21 years old runs an online store selling clothes. He was barely making any money and after listening to the subliminal audio track his business exploded.

A popular fashion Youtuber that has over 500,000 subscribers reviewed his clothes and gave him a shout out , his sales went through the roof!

He now has his own warehouse with employees and his constantly traveling around the world living his dream.

This is what happens when you get rid of your limiting beliefs and let your subconscious mind work it’s magic, it does everything in it’s power to attract situations and people that are aligned with your goal!

You will find yourself always taking the right actions. “Good luck” will seem to find you constantly.  It’s like having your own personal genie in a bottle. This is how successful people live their day to day lives. The rich keep getting richer. But this time this can be YOU and your closest loved ones.




I have time and freedom to spend time with my family and travel, and i have the chance to donate to multiple charities, and help out to those that are unfortunate.

My subconscious mind finally got the message that I want to attract wealth and be successful and it started to work its magic as soon as i started to implement Alexander Wilson’s powerful subconscious mind altering method.

All the frustration and pain that i suffered through for the past 20 years melted away in only 24 HOURS!

It felt like i was using a part of my mind for the very first time.  My subconscious mind was pulling me towards the direction of success like a powerful magnet, i was attracting client after client without even doing any marketing!

The biggest joy from all this was actually sharing this technique to family and friends who were struggling in their lives. Seeing them transform so quickly and having a new lease on life was the greatest feeling I’ve ever experienced.

Alexander Wilson has managed to find a way to remove all that mental blockage in our Subconscious minds that was blocking wealth and success from our lives. It’s now your turn to experience true wealth for the very first time!



I would love to hear your personal experiences or questions , you can leave a comment below.

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  1. An impressive write up! I have just forwarded this onto a colleague
    who had been conducting a little research on this subject as well and you confirmed his thoughts, we’re both grateful and what we’ve experienced so for has been life changing to say the least. Thanks again daniel and magic manifestation

  2. I wish i had this info when i was at my lowest point in my life a few years ago, but i’m back on track now thanks to you and i’m able to provide for my family now and travel all over the world!

  3. Hi Daniel I run a online iphone case business that wasn’t getting any sales for a long time, i decided to try this manifestation magic out for the heck of it and in 2 days i got a massive $2,000 order from a client in dubai,i couldn’t believe it! This is some life changing stuff and i can’t wait to see what’s to come in the coming weeks, i can’t thank you enough, god bless you.

  4. I tried this out and my make-up youtube video channel started to get thousands of subscribers every week, i’m actually shocked that this worked! Thanks for changing my life!!

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  6. life changing post! i was sceptical at first but i went forward and got manifestation magic and 2 weeks later i got a promotion from work! I believe this wasn’t a coincidence as i was stuck in my old position for years. Thanks again Daniel!

  7. Nice post, i knew about limiting beliefs years ago and it changed my life after getting rid of them, glad to see you’re spreading the message.

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