How to use your subconscious mind power to change your life

Habits are everything. If you want to take charge of your life you need to develop good habits.  Habits are a result of what you do every single day consistently.  Once a habit is formed it’s practically impossible to unlearn them.

Those behaviors are then run on autopilot by your subconscious mind.  Your body functions are run by your subconscious automatically since the day your born , such as breathing and digestion.

Can you imagine if you had to consciously think and control these functions every single second of the day?it would drive you insane. Your subconscious mind is like your own personal super computer that could make your life the best you’ve ever had or a living hell based on what you feed it.

For example if you developed a strong habit of going to the gym multiple times a week, it would be a beneficial in the long run for your health and personal life. But a negative habit could also destroy your life.

If you picked up a bad habit such as smoking at a young age, the long term effects to your health are devastating . Or pick up another bad habit such as drinking every single day it would lead to liver failure or set off a sequence of bad decisions(e.g drunk driving) that would up ending your life abruptly.

Your subconscious mind will control your actions like a puppet without you even realizing it. If your subconscious mind has success  programmed to it, you will find yourself making the right decisions everyday with very small hesitation or resistance.

“Good luck” and opportunities will seem to be falling on to your lap for some reason. Your subconscious mind is like a magnet attracting situations and people that are aligned with positive or negative beliefs that have been fed to it by you.

People who always complain about the rich and their own ‘bad luck’ with money will never be successful. They’ve unknowingly programmed their subconscious mind to only attract negative situations and people that repel money away from their lives.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t care if you what you feed it is positive or negative. It just carries out what you plant it like an obedient servant.

If you want to use the power of your subconscious mind to attract wealth,good health, a soulmate or all the above, you need to speak it’s language. The subconscious mind only understands strong emotions that you believe in.

That’s why it’s very easy to attract bad situations to our lives because emotions such as anger, jealousy and fear are powerful emotions we experience from what we see in around our lives. Our subconscious minds easily absorb these emotions because we truly believe that deep down we can never be rich and successful , We look in the mirror and we think we can never have that perfect beach body.

If you wanted to the power of the subconscious mind for the good ,it’s going to be practically impossible. If you’ve been always poor for your entire life and you try to ‘feel’ positive emotions and repeat affirmations that you are going to be rich, deep down you know it’s a lie and your subconscious mind will reject it.

So how do you make your subconscious mind accept and execute upon positive affirmations even though you have doubts within your self?Luckily for you i had spent more than a decade for that answer…….Click here to find out to easily program your subconscious mind.



What happened when i quit Social Media

Deleting all my social media accounts has been one of the best decision’s i’ve made in the past few years. My productivity and overall mental health has improved dramatically.  Social media really is like an addiction to a drug similar to how a crackhead has to constantly get his daily fix.

Going outside and seeing people living most of their lives glued to their screens is a sad state to see in a daily basis. The constant need for validation and cheap dopamine hits each time they get their photo on instagram liked or their tweets retweeted.  I used to be addicted seeing that red notification pop-up in the corner of my facebook home page.  Constantly refreshing the site to see if any one has messaged me or liked any of my posts.

After a long day of work i would enter bed and browse my phone to check up on ‘news’ on social media and ‘catch up’ on what my friends have been up to. “Let me just browse for 5 mins then i will fall asleep” i would tell my self this but everytime 5 mins would turn into 3-4 hours and my sleep schedule is now fucked.

The next day i would feel lethargic. My productivity would tank and any work that i needed to do would be brushed off for another day.  I follow a bunch of succesful people on instagram including a few friends who are multi-millionaires. While their posts were motivating to me there was a part of me that was jealous. I would see them having the time of their lives at an exotic location on a weekday. “Why can’t i have that now?” i thought to myself.

Comparing your current situation to someone else’s highlights on social media is a quick road to depression.

Enough was enough and i had to deactivate all my accounts for the sake of my mental health. Just a week from removing myself from social media existence i started to notice a drastic change already. Here’s what i experienced:

Good Sleep

I was finally able to fall asleep by 10pm, i always assumed that i had insomnia and it wasn’t because of being on my phone. Turned out to be the latter. I was sleeping like a baby. I wake up feeling rejuvenated and in a joyful mood for the rest of the day.

Even if was to encounter a problem during the day at work i felt that i could handle them much better than before when i wasn’t getting enough sleep. I was in more control with my emotions.


Extra Time

This was the biggest thing i noticed. when you stop social media it feels like you’ve been given extra hours in your day to actually get productive things done and it feels great!

In the beginning it was weird, i thought it would be ‘boring’ if i wasn’t able to check on people online. But when you put your attention to things that would benefit your life in the long run, being “bored” is impossible.

I would use my free time to polish my skills with my business and it paid off immensely.  I also had the time to always learn how to play the guitar.Something that i always wanted to do since i was a teenager. Knowing that if i didn’t quit social media none of this would have been possible.


Improved Health

I mentioned previously that i had extra time to do productive things. One thing that i was now able to do was go to the gym and stick to a healthy diet. Doing this had a ‘butterfly effect’ with the rest of my day to day life. With my Increased energy and discipline from going to the gym i was getting more shit done than ever before.

The feeling of endorphins released after a long hard workout was the best stress reliever for me. I cut back on drinking alcohol to not mess up the progress i made in the gym. I toned down from a 6 pack of beer every single week to only drinking dry wine once every 2 months.


Improved social life

Not being able to check up on what my friends or relatives were up to on social media forced me to actually pick up the phone and get in touch with them personally.

I was under the illusion that by just seeing and commenting their pictures on instagram that i was ‘technically being in touch with them’.

Going through my contacts in my phone and calling them up led to old friendships being re-ignited, most of which i ended meeting them up in person, and i also made some new mutual friends and connections along the way.

Some of them were glad to hear from me. On a side note you have no idea how sometimes just reaching out to someone close to you with a simple phone call checking up on them can make their day(social media doesn’t count!).  We are all battling our personal demons inside and reaching out goes a long way!


Discover New Places

Not being glued to my screen constantly also forced me to spend more time outside and just appreciate the beauty of the world that we live in.

There are so many beautiful places to go to and explore. No matter where you live it’s possible to always discover new places close to you.

I started to take nature walks and camp more often. My appreciation to life and nature in general increased. You have no idea how much of a positive impact this has with your mental health. As human beings we were designed to be outside and have our senses stimulated by nature and not by screens.


I’m not forcing you to quit social media but i suggest that you try for at least a week without it, simply delete all the necessary apps from your phone, install website blockers on your computer. I guarantee you will experience what i did and you won’t regret it!











How to Instantly Attract Wealth With Your Subconscious Mind

I’ve been trying to figure out why some people are able to attract wealth easily and why some don’t no matter how hard they try.

I’ve gone through 100s of books in the past 20 years, specifically on the subconscious mind.


After years of studying wealthy people and reading great books such as ‘Power Of The Subconscious Mind’ by Dr Joseph Murphy, ‘Secret of the Ages’ by Robert Collier and ‘The Strangest Secret’ by Earl Nightingale.

I had learned that your subconscious mind is like a garden. The results you get in your life depends on the seeds you planted with your thoughts.

This idea isn’t new if you’re familiar with the ‘Law Of Attraction’ . But there’s one VITAL thing that’s been ignored.

It’s the answer to why some people are able to achieve success effortlessly and why others still struggle to attract abundance no matter how hard they try.

It’s why you may have tried to visualize for a long time but you haven’t felt any change in your life.

Let’s go back to how your subconscious mind is like a garden that grows depending on what thoughts you feed it.

What happens when you plant seeds to a garden that has bad soil? The plants don’t have the right amount of nutrients needed to grow and they die off.

The soil in your mind is your inner voice, it’s the true feelings that you hold in your heart.

Trying to think positive thoughts when your inner voice is negative and cynical is like trying to plant seeds on bad soil.

Your inner voice always wins and you find yourself wondering why you haven’t experienced any changes in your life.

You see, all this time we’ve been trying to treat the symptoms instead of fixing the main root of the problem.

Visualizing isn’t enough

Ever since the Law Of Attraction became popular from the hit movie “The Secret” , people have been taught that all you need to do is visualise your desires and you will get anything you want.


The Secret was a great movie and introduced many people to teachings that were only found in books written more than 50 years ago.

People found some success after applying the techniques shown in ‘The Secret’ but others like you and i were still struggling.

This goes back to how your subconscious mind only listens to your inner voice, i.e what you truly feel that you deserve.

I was able to attract small manifestations but couldn’t attract the things that i really wanted.  

Each time i tried to visualise being successful, my inner voice took over with negative thoughts;  “You will never be rich”, ” You won’t be able to attract that amount of money, it’s impossible!” “You don’t deserve success!”

Your inner voice or true beliefs developed from past experiences during your childhood.

I grew up poor, my family was constantly struggling to make ends meet. My Dad would always tell us that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’.

I accepted those words from him as facts, they became my inner voice which shaped my future.

When you’re a child, your subconscious mind is pure. It has no bad seeds planted. It’s open to any kind of thought.

But as you grow up, your environment, family, friends and teachers plant the seeds into your mind without you knowing it.

People that grew up in a loving and safe space are more likely to have an inner voice that’s positive.

These are the people that can easily attract wealth after visualizing. There is no conflict between the thoughts and beliefs in their subconscious mind.

This was the main reason for me in making this blog. I wanted to find a way for anyone, including you, to attract wealth even if you grew up with poisonous beliefs about yourself.

After testing and experimenting with different manifestation techniques for many years I’ve finally found a system that works.

This system not only worked for me but it worked on my family , friends and will most certainly work for YOU!

This powerful tool gets rid of that cynical inner voice that has been blocking your desires from being planted into your subconscious.

The name of this system is ‘Manifestation Magic’.

My Manifestation Magic Experiment

Manifestation Magic contains hidden NLP commands which act as seeds to plant in your subconscious mind.

NLP is a powerful technology built around the best schools of psychotherapy and hypnosis.

It allows you to “re-program” your subconscious- resetting your inner voice back to normal.

All the feelings of fear and unworthiness that came from your old inner voice are gone.

This means your subconscious can now finally accept new seeds without rejecting them and your life transforms into your wildest dreams.

The best psychotherapists in the world that use NLP charge $1000s to treat patients, Manifestation Magic only costs $47 using the same powerful technology.

My first test was to see if I was able to increase the number of clients for my consultation business that was struggling.

Right before bed, I listened to the audio tracks that comes with Manifestation Magic.

They included that powerful NLP technology and i was curious to see if it would have access to my subconscious mind.

Just a week after using Manifestation Magic i could already feel some interesting changes happening.

It was an odd feeling, i was getting new ideas for my business out of nowhere.  I felt a huge surge of energy throughout the day and was always acting upon those ideas.

Two weeks later i was getting new clients non-stop. My business was growing fast.

My subconscious mind finally got the message and proceeded to do it’s magic after my old inner voice was gone.

My Uncle runs a farm with his family and he was struggling to keep food on his table.

After sharing magic manifestation to him ,his farming business skyrocketed in less than a month.

My aunt told me it was as if he turned into a completely different person overnight after listening to the audio tracks.

His new beliefs transformed him, Grocery Stores from around the state wanted to do business with him .

He landed a big contract with a major store. He went from making $600 a month to $15,000!

My younger brother who is 21 years old experienced similar results for his online clothing store.

He was barely making any money and after listening to the subliminal audio track and his sales went through the roof.

A snapshot he sent me of his best sales month so far

He now has his own warehouse with employees and his constantly traveling around the world living his dream.

This is what happens when your inner voice aligns with positive thinking. Your subconscious acts upon your new beliefs and changes your life forever.

Your subconscious mind makes you take the right action and attracts the right people into your life to make your dreams come true.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business or job you have. Your subconscious mind will still find the fastest way to make you rich.



I have time and freedom to spend time with my family and travel anywhere i want and help out to those that are unfortunate.

You will be able to change your life effortlessly by only listening to an audio track before you sleep.

All the frustration and pain that i suffered through for the past 20 years melted away in only a few days!

It felt like i was using a part of my mind for the very first time.  My subconscious mind was pulling me towards the direction of success like a powerful magnet.

Seeing my closest friends and family have their lives changed was the greatest feeling I’ve ever experienced.

You’ve learned how to transform your life around by cleaning out your inner voice.

You’ve learned that your subconscious mind has the power to attract the right people and events that will make you rich!

You’ve learned that it takes barely any  effort to make money once your subconscious mind takes over.

-If you had the financial freedom to do whatever you want at anytime, what would you be doing right now?

-Where is that one place in the world that you’ve always dreamed of travelling?


-Which 5 star restaurants will you be dining at frequently?

-Will you own one home or have multiple vacation homes around the country?


-How will your life change if you started earning 6 figures in a month?


-Which luxurious car would you be driving?

Close your eyes and  answer each of these questions using your imagination.

Life is too short to live in scarcity.  You need to truly enjoy it with abundance with your loved ones before it’s too late.

This will happen once you start using Manifestation Magic to re-shape your subconscious mind which will attract you riches beyond your wildest dreams . That’s when life truly begins.