Dream Manifestation Review

Dream Manifestation is a life changing product that has solved my biggest problem that many manifestation techniques failed to do. I noticed that some people were able to visualize and get their goals while others like me did not get any results no matter how hard we tried.

This was the main driving force for me in creating this blog 3 years ago with the sole purpose of searching for the perfect formula that would allow the Law of Attraction work every single time for ANYONE who tries it.

After testing and experimenting with different manifestation techniques for so many years I’ve finally found a method that works!

Best of all you won’t need to visualize & forcing yourself to feel positive every single minute of each day, all you need to do is press a button and sleep!

In less than a month just by using this simple technique I attracted my dream job, quit smoking, lost weight, got rid of my anxiety, all this happened effortlessly, there was no mental struggle at all!

Here’s my complete review of Dream Manifestation, the most powerful manifestation tool out there.

Dream Manifestation: The Big Change

Ever since i watched “The Secret” back in 2008 when my sister gave me a copy of the movie and book i was fascinated by the concept of the Law of attraction, I thought I found the secret to life and I could attract anything I wanted!

I was ecstatic! I was ready to start living my life like I have always imagined, immediately after watching the movie i made my vision boards of what I’ve always wanted in life ,just like everyone else I wanted to be successful, healthy and have my perfect soul mate.

I started to visualize and feel like I already have my desires just like what they instruct you to do in the secret.

But as weeks and months passed nothing was happening. The more i saw that nothing was happening the more difficult it got to for me to stay positive, and this turned into a vicious cycle.

I kept wondering why i wasn’t manifesting my goals I started to doubt whether the concept of the Law of Attraction was even real.

I have a passion for luxury cars, I’m subscribed to a popular car channel on YouTube, the guy that runs it is extremely wealthy and he’s only in his early 20’s.

He buys the latest sports cars as soon as they come out and does reviews on them, on one of his videos he had a viewer Q&A and someone asked him how he became so successful.

He talked briefly talked about the law of attraction and mentioned about a program called “Dream Manifestation”, I was intrigued and I went to their website .

The first thing I noticed  “Dream Manifestation” was that it cost $15, I was  hesitant at first but at the same time I was miserable and desperate for a big change in my life at that point in time, and even if the program didn’t work I would at least be able to get my money back thanks to their 60 day refund policy.

My first test with Dream Manifestation
The sales video talked about being in a certain state of mind for it to accept any desires you plant in to it,  claims that he has discovered a secret sound that instantly puts you into this state, and therefore no goals that you set your mind to get rejected. Is this why many people still struggle with manifesting their desires? I wanted to find out.

My first test was to see if I was able to increase the number of clients I get at work. I straight away listening to the wealth audio program every night, just before sleep as instructed and here is what happened in the following weeks:

Week 1: Every night before i went to sleep, and as soon as i wake up i played the money subliminal video on my phone, first night few nights I’m having dreams related to my goal, I can see myself in a bigger office, getting a lot of client calls.

Week 2: I’m starting to notice my mood is starting to change as soon as i wake up, I’m feeling more optimistic and energetic throughout the day, my negative thoughts and doubts are subsiding.

Week 3: This is where things start to get interesting, i notice my behavior is starting to change drastically, at work I’m able to do my job more efficiently. Tasks that felt Hard and mundane before now feel effortless and exciting to do!

Week 4: this week I managed to pull in 12 new clients! The most I’ve ever gotten before was 10 in a month!


2 months after using Dream Manifestation I got promoted at work,my mind was programmed to get my goal and There was no struggle to get it,I shared Dream Manifestation to my family and friends, they’re all experiencing similar results with their goals.

From the years that I’ve studied about the Law of attraction i came to know about limiting beliefs and how it sabotages our efforts to manifest what we want in life.

After researching every possible method out there to try and get rid of these limiting beliefs i still couldn’t manifest what i wanted, BUT it looks like my subconscious mind finally got the message that no other manifestation programs were able to do.

Dream Manifestation has managed to remove my limiting beliefs on money.and the results that I got in only a month has confirmed that to me.

Here’s why this is so important,You see whenever we get told that we need to visualize or repeat affirmations over and over so that we get our goal we are only using our conscious minds, and we need to have our subconscious minds to get the message and start the process of attracting our goal.

The power of our subconscious minds is infinite. It runs our lives on auto pilot every single second of our lives. Do you ever think about when to breathe?blink?digest food? nope, that’s our subconscious minds at work.

The reason why people find it impossible to quit smoking, lose weight, become successful, finding their soul mate is because over the years we’ve formed bad habits and limiting beliefs.

These come from our environment, parents, teachers, friends etc.

As a child my dad always told me i had to work extremely hard to get money. I believed this to be true and it formed a limiting belief within my subconscious that would stick with me for 20 years.

Ever since then,  any job or business opportunity that i would try to reach for ended up me failing miserably.

i would randomly get sick as soon as an opportunity came up. My subconscious mind made sure to attract bad situations to match the limiting belief that i carried with me.

People usually refer this as “bad luck” but it’s actually your self limiting beliefs at work.

Once your subconscious mind learns a bad habit and limiting beliefs are formed ,they are close to impossible to get rid off. Any thing positive that you want to attract into your life ,your subconscious sees it as a threat ,and sticks to what’s it most comfortable with which is all those bad habits over years that you’ve kept.

But thanks to the powerful subconscious mind altering technique that Norman gives you in Dream Manifestation, your limiting beliefs are erased for good!

You can now plant any goal in your subconscious without it being rejected and that’s when the magic happens! No more frustrations and fear, you can now start living your life the way you’ve always dreamed of!

As of now I quit My day job and started my first successful business, I have time and freedom to spend time with my family and travel,it felt like my subconscious mind finally got the message that I want to be successful and it started to work its magic as soon as i started to implement Norman’s powerful mind altering method.

Having hit my financial goal, i’m now applying the same mind reshaping techniques to improve my health, and so far i no longer dread of going to the gym,my motivation levels are always high and i tricked my subconscious to not crave unhealthy food.

Norma has found a way to make our stubborn Subconscious minds listen and start attracting our goals.For only the price of $47 you spend on the program will result in a fulfilling life of wealth in all areas of your life which is priceless. Just remember to stay consistent for only 30 days,and you’ll be well on your way to start living the life that you truly deserve


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