The Real Secret To The Law Of Attraction

Are you tired and frustrated and wonder why you haven’t attracted your deepest desires yet after visualizing every single day just like what all Law Of Attraction “Gurus” have been telling people to do all these years but nothing happened?.After trying many manifestation techniques for so long I’ve finally found a method that works.I managed to revive a dead business in a matter of days using this technique ,and  you will be able to do the same with any goal that you want!.Read more below to find out how.



The Big Change

Ever since i watched  “The Secret” by Rhonda Bynes i was fascinated by  the “Law of attraction” ,after watching the movie i made my vision boards of what i’ve always wanted ,always tried to stay positive and act as if i have my goal but as months went by nothing was happening, the more i saw that nothing was happening  the more difficult it got to try and “feel positive” all the time.  I kept wondering why i wasn’t manifesting my goals and after months of searching everywhere i stumbled upon this program a year a go called “Total Money Magnetism” developed by Dr. Steve G. Jones,  who is very popular hypnotherapist that has worked with celebrities,CEOs,directors & producers and is a self-made millionaire.


How i discovered Total Money Magnetism

I’ve always had a passion for making mobile apps,and trying to sell them on both android and iPhone, but i have always failed miserably doing it.I got in touch with my college friend who now runs a very successful mobile app company in San Francisco ,asking him for some advice and what i’m doing wrong.

I was expecting him to message back some tips on coding,advertising etc but instead he told me that i need to change my mindset first before even trying to venture to any type of business or goal and he sent me a link to this program called ‘Total Money Magnetism ,what happened in the following weeks while using the program completely blew my mind.

Row of Stacks of One Hundred Dollar Bills


My first test with Total Money Magnetism

The program Costs $47 ,i have to admit i was skeptical at first but i was reassured that i would get my money back if the program didn’t work within 60 days. My first experiment  after i signed up for the ‘Total Money Magnetism’  was to start attracting money ,a problem that I’ve always had for as long as i can remember and what better way to do this than to see if i could get any sales from my old online business that i had to shut down 2 years ago after spending a lot of money and time on it but still no sales.

As soon as i signed up for the Total Money Magnetism program, i got access to:

  • A digital download copy of the main Total Money Magnetism product (an eBook, basically).
  • The Millionaire’s Mindset video, which includes a wealth of interviews with real-life millionaires that is designed to help kick start you into financial success.
  • 6 self-help hypnosis mp3s from Steve G. Jones, that are designed to work in conjunction with the main product in order to rewire your mind to attract wealth and success
  • 3 bonus “Platinum Sessions” with Steve.
  • A free month’s subscription to the Amazing Self personal development course, which has a more generalized approach to success in life, love, health, and wealth


After purchasing the program for $47 i began straight away by reading and applying the techniques in the main guide book & listening to the wealth hypnosis mp3’s every night ,here’s my progress:

  • Week 1: Each night before i went to sleep, and as soon as i wake up i played the “money magnet”subliminal mp3 audio on my phone, first night few nights i’m  starting to have dreams related to my goal
  • Week 2:  I’m starting to notice my mood is starting to change as soon as i wake up,i’m feeling more optimistic through out the day and negative thoughts and doubts are appearing less and less
  • Week 3: This is where things start to get interesting,i notice my behavior is starting to change,it feels like something inside is making me do certain things which keep leading me to new opportunities and sales. my mind at this point is completely occupied with positive thoughts and emotions,any hint of a negative thought is automatically replaced with a positive one without even me trying,this feels great!
  • Week 4:My sales during this week explode, at this point i am getting at least 10 new clients a day!, 2 years ago if i would even get one client a month i would have considered myself lucky!  

Why it Worked

From the years that I’ve studied about the subconscious mind and success i came to know about limiting beliefs and how it sabotages our efforts to change our lives. After researching every possible method out there to try and get rid of these limiting beliefs i still couldn’t manifest what i wanted, BUT it looks like the 4 powerful elements included in every subliminal video in the Total Money Magnet program has managed to remove my limiting belief on money,and my results up to this point have confirmed that to me.



Here’s why this is so important,You see whenever we get told that we need to visualize or repeat affirmations over and over so that we get our goal we are only using our conscious minds, and we need to have our subconscious minds to get the message and start the process of attracting our goal.

The power of our subconscious minds can’t be measured,it run our lives on auto pilot every single second of our lives. Do you ever think about when to breathe?blink?digest food?nope,that’s our subconscious minds at work.

The reason why people find it impossible to quit smoking,lose weight,become successful,find their soul mate is because over the years we’ve formed bad habits and limiting beliefs from our environment,parents,teachers etc, for example as a child my dad always told me i had to work extremely hard to get money,i believed this to be true and it formed a limiting belief within my subconscious that would stick with me for 20 years.

Ever since then any business that i would try and start would fail,i wouldn’t be able to find jobs,i would randomly get sick as soon as an opportunity came up,my subconscious mind made sure to attract those bad situations to match the limiting belief that i carried with me.People usually refer this as “bad luck” but it’s actually your self limiting beliefs at work.

Once your subconscious mind learns a bad habit and limiting beliefs are formed ,they are close to impossible to get rid off,any thing positive that you want to attract into your life ,your subconscious sees it as a threat ,and sticks to what’s it most comfortable with which is all those bad habits over years that you’ve kept.


But thanks to the powerful subconscious mind altering techniques that Dr.Steve G Jones has outlines in his program,your limiting beliefs are erased for good,while the main program is focused in money the same method can be applied to attract anything else in your life as long as you stay consistent for at least three weeks,all you need to do is watch the video  twice a day,once in the morning and just before you sleep.I usually stream from them directly from my phone while i’m in bed.


As of now I’ve gone from earning $0 a month to $800 a day with my online business that i thought died years ago, it felt like my subconscious mind finally got the message and started to work its magic as soon as i started to implement Dr Steve’s powerful mind altering method.

Having hit my financial goal, i’m now applying the same mind reshaping techniques to improve my health, and so far  i no longer dread of going to the gym,my motivation levels are always high and i tricked my subconscious to not crave unhealthy food.

Dr. Steve G Jones has found a way to make our stubborn Subconscious minds listen and start attracting our goals.For only the price of $47 you spend on the program will result in a fulfilling life of wealth in all areas of your life which is priceless. Just remember to stay consistent,and you’ll be well on your way to start living the life you’ve always dreamed of.


  • Attract Wealth
  • Attract Happiness
  • Attract Health
  • Attract Your Dream Career
  • Attract The Perfect Relationship

Click on the image below to take you to the ‘Total Money Magnetism‘ website



*Update 6/30/2015

WOW over the past few days I’ve received a ton of emails from people all around the world telling me how this method has helped them finally manifest their goals or helped with a personal health issue that they were having,it’s an amazing feeling to read your stories and how your lives have changed ,thank you for taking the time to write them and i promise to respond to each one of your e-mails by the end of the week!


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